Written and directed by Chiara Cervati

With Chiara Cervati, Elena Trombini

Produced by Centopercentoteatro


“La Cuoca Primavera” is born out of the growing necessity to discuss themes of healthy eating with very young children. It tackles the themes of informed nurtrition and the seasonal nature of fruit and vegetables. It aims to use the medium of theater to instill in children an awareness of the issues of proper nutrition, agro-ecology, and mindful grocery shopping. The show is based on the conviction that positive food education is reflected both on the individual and on families and society at large. Throughout the show, children are encoraged to consider how being good to yourself means being good to others, and that both are linked to healthy individual and communal habits. “La Cuoca Primavera” shows children that healthy food can also taste good, and it leads them to discover a fun new way to shop that can help both nature and society. It encourages them to take responsibility for what each of them, within their individual capabilities, can do as a force for improvement of both themselves and the world they live in.


Italy is renowned all over the world for its cooking and traditional dishes, but especially for the quality of its products and produce. This allows the country to be one of the world’s leaders when it comes to nutrition. Our mission is to educate children about healthy nutrition by teaching them about the seasonality of produce, through an entertaining show that tackles these themes simply and clearly.


This is the story of Cuoca Primavera. The chef is on a desperate quest for the best ingredients that will allow her dishes to stand out alongside those of the other chefs “Winter,” “Fall” and “Summer,” who have already found their recipes and ingredients. After many failed attempts, our Cuoca will discover that there are fruits and vegetables that are perfect just for her, and they are her most valuable treasure. And all of this with a very special friend by her side.

The plot, beyond its clear focus on the theme of seasonal produce, also hints at themes of agro-ecology. It touches on topics like nature’s own rhythm and the need for mindful farming practices that pay attention to the needs of the planet. The show tries to communicate in the simplest possible way the need to respect nature and the timing of its seasons.


The Centopercento Teatro cultural association was born in 2009 from a coming together of theater professionals with different backgrounds: youth theater, experimental theater, puppetry and street theater. The company then found its identity in a comedic and ironic style born from a passion for clowning. It has produced shows for varied audiences, which often mix different approaches. It also offers acting courses for all ages and has been featured in festivals and street artist showcases.

CHIARA CERVATI holds a degree in Science and Technologies for the Arts from the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University in Brescia, and a degree in Set Design from the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Brescia. She trained in Commedia dell’Arte and aerial silks, and has studied with artists including Silvio Castiglioni, Renato Gabrielli, Laura Cantarelli, Bano Ferrari, Heidrun Kaletsh, Andrzej Leparski, bilico teatro and Abbondanza Bertoni, Giulia Varley, Odin Teatret. Alongside her work as an actress, she creates original youth theater shows and dance-based shows in Brescia, and has led workshops for both children and adults for several years.

ELENA TROMBINI graduated cum laude from DAMS at the University of Bologna, with a degree in Literature and Philosophy and a thesis on teaching theater in preschools. She then trained in puppetry with Giuliano Scabia, actress Loredana Perissinotto, and attended workshops with Abbondanza Bertoni, Giulia Varley, Odin Teatret, Angela Malfitano, Marco Manchisi, Arnaldo Picchi. Since 2004 she has been leading theatrical and creative workshops in preschools and primary schools in and around Brescia, as well as leading theatrical workshops with differently-abled students.