Music Theatre International M.Th.I. has been operating since 1999, and was formally founded in Rome, Italy, in January 2000. The association promotes different forms of musical theatre; it supports the knowledge and the spread of the international repertoire; it produces performances and events which involve a synergistic combination of the different languages of live performance with contemporary arts; it promotes and supports small Italian artistic experiences by young artists, theatre companies, and music and arts non-profit organizations; it organizes research, promotion and training activities in the performing arts at a national and international level; it collaborates with other non-profit and for-profit organizations, active in the performing arts, providing them with consulting services in marketing, public relations, artistic and project management. The association has promoted collaborations and cultural exchange programs with other national and international organizations in Italy and abroad. It is a member of RIDE APS, the Italian network of Anna Lindh Foundation and Mediter network.


Diana Forlani (actress) Born in Pesaro in 1991, from a young age Diana was part of Teatro Accademia di Pesaro and TeatriSotterranei. In Rome, she attended the Cassiopea Acting Academy and the YD-Actors Studios, and performed in the show Sinestesia at the Roma Film Festival. She trained with directors Daniele Salvo, Luciano Melchionna, Rolando Ravello, with coach Mario Pizzuti and with casting director Roberto Graziosi. She also studied vocal technique with Melania Giglio and Simona Allodi. In Rome, she performed in several productions at the Teatro dell’Angelo, Teatro Sala Uno, Teatro Palladium and Teatro Torlonia. She has toured in Morocco and Croatia.