Compagnia del Calzino began offering theatrical training and producing original shows in 2000, and it was officially founded as a Cultural Association in 2012, under the leadership of Silvia Marchetti and Andrea Ramosi. The company consists predominantly of actors who trained at the Scuola di Teatro di Bologna “Alessandra Galante Garrone” and at the Scuola di Recitazione del Teatro Stabile di Genova. Compagnia del Calzino’s show White as Fennel in a Salad was selected by the Teatro Stabile di Torino at the 2018 Torino Fringe Festival, it was a finalist at Inbox2018, and it was selected for the 2018 Roma Fringe Festival and the Stazioni d’Emergenza 2018 – Teatro Galleria Toledo Napoli – Materiali Contemporanei.


 Silvia Marchetti (playwright, director) was deeply struck by a Beckett play at the age of 11, and began her career at 18, working with Umberto Fabi first as an actress and then as a playwright and director. Silvia has a degree in Economics, and trained at the Corso Superiore per Attore di Prosa at the Scuola di Teatro di Bologna “Alessandra Galante Garrone.” While there, she met Andrea Ramosi, co-founder of the Compagnia del Calzino. She’s a director, actress, dramaturg and puppeteer; she focuses on writing and directing contemporary theatre, and she loves teaching theatre.




Andrea Ramosi (actor) studied theatre from a young age with Alessandra Faiella and Alessandra Frabetti. In 2010 he graduated from the Corso superiore per attori di prosa at the Scuola di Teatro di Bologna “Alessandra Galante Garrone”. He trained in dubbing with Roberto Chevalier and Cristina Pezzoli, Cesar Brie, Eleonora Bruni, Matteo Belli. Since 2013, Andrea has been collaborating with the “Collegium Musicum Almae Matris”, Università di Bologna and with Teatro Duse in Bologna. In 2012 he was the co-founder, together with Silvia Marchetti, of the Compagnia del Calzino, which offers theatrical training and produces shows.