The Cultural Association Fratto due – Esperimenti teatrali was co-founded in 2016 by Angela Pepi, Ilaria Marcelli, Francesca Pepi and Michele Gandolfi to produce theatre for young audiences. Angela and Ilaria are both actresses and directors, trained at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome; Francesca studied Social Sciences and Michele studied Languages, Literature and Cultural Production at Pisa University. Their main goal is to tackle contemporary issues through the adaptation of literary classics, making them accessible to young audiences through theatre. “Orlando In One Furious Act” is their first production.




Michele Gandolfi (playwright) studied European Literature for Publishing and Cultural Production at the University Pisa, graduating in 2012. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Medieval European Literature and Philology. His first children’s book Nilaf was published in 2001 by Innocenti Editore. Michele collaborates with local associations and institutions in order to spread and promote the knowledge of his land. He is also involved in linguistic-literary research and study.



Angela Pepi (director) trained as an actress and director at the International Theatre School “Circo a vapore” (2011) and at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (2014). She is the co-founder of QuinteAttive company, working with them since 2015 and winning the 2014 Lungo il Tevere Festival Award for directing The Masterpiece. She has performed in Eneide (2013) by Marco Belocchi at Teatro Argot Studio; Ulissage (2014) by Claudio Collovà at Quartieri dell’arte; La donna bambina (2015) directed by Roberto Cavosi at Teatro Vascello; The Shape of Things (2016) directed by Francesco Piotti at Teatro Brancaccio. In 2017 she made her feature film debut with Il viaggio directed by Alfredo Arciero. In 2018 she was cast in My Big Gay Italian Wedding, directed by Gianfranco Terrin, in Los Angeles.


Ilaria Marcelli (director) trained at Teatro Azione and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia before studying with Ivana Chubbuck, Michael Margotta, Roberto Magnani and Andrea De Magistris. On stage, she worked with directors Giancarlo Fares in I tradimenti dell’amante (2009) and David Warren in La nostra cittadina (2012), among others. Ilaria has appeared in numerous commercials (Nutella, Ford Focus, Martha’s Cottage), and in the music video Non chiamarlo amore (2011) by Francesca Comencini. She performed in Radiodrammi, Rai 3 (2012) directed by Sergio Pierattini, and in the mini-series L’amore al tempo del precariato (2015) by Michele Bertini Malgarini. Sha also appeared in the short films No Worries (2010) by Michele Vannucci and How to Save Your Darling (2016) by Leopoldo Caggiano and in the American film A Window On the World by Axel Öhman, presented at the 2017 Torino Film Festival.


Andrea Cicero (actor) studied Acting at the SetStudio Academy, and Chemical Engineering at “La Sapienza” University in Rome. He has performed in various independent short films including Cenere by Piergiorgio Santolini, by Alberto Magnani, Bottom by Elia Valentini, and Questo è un cortometraggio directed by Pietro Bonaccio. In 2018 he worked with director Ivan Moretti in a new adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s comedy La Morsa. He can also be seen in the feature film La profezia dell’armadillo (2018) by Emanuele Scaringi.



Matteo Castellino (actor) trained at the Accademia Internazione di Teatro di Roma. He is the co-founder of QuinteAttive theatre company, with whom he adapted and directed The Masterpiece (Teatro India, Rome). Since 2010 he has appeared numerous many shows, directed by Corrado Veneziano (Accipicchia ci hanno rubato la lingua, Teatro Quirino, Rome), Valentina Martino Ghiglia (Preparadise Sorry Now, Teatro Belli, Rome), Andrea Baracco (One Thousand and One Nights, Teatro Rossini, Pesaro) and Vincenzo Manna (The Odyssey, Spazio Diamante, Roma). In 2017 Matteo attended a Documentary Filmmaking course at the Met Film School in London and directed the documentary This Is Not a Typical Italian Family. In 2018 he was part of the production team for the feature Il mio regno, directed by Andres Arce Maldonado.


Marco Gandolfi (set design) studied Set Design at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence. He curated multiple photography exhibitions in the Grosseto area, and in 2014 he curated the retrospective Padre Ugolino on Father Ugolino Vagnuzzi, journalist, commentator and confessor to actors, writers and celebrities. In 2016, he designed the set of Il teatro dei sogni directed by Emiliano D’Ambrosio, which toured a number of Tuscan cities. In 2018, he designed the set of the musical Siamo storie at Teatro del Popolo di Colle in Val d’Elsa.



Andrea De Chiara (costume design) studied Fashion Design at the “C. Cennini” school in Colle di Val d’Elsa. In 2011, while still a student, he won the national fashion competition of the Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione in Busto Arsizio. Andrea studied ballet with Cristiano Colangelo – a dancer for the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino – and Graham dance with Luisa Guicciardini of “Scuola danza” in San Gimignano. Since 2015 he is a fashion designer with the fashion label Barbara Ravenni in Colle di Val d’Elsa.