Festival 2015

The 2015 edition brings shows from all over Italy and about many different stories.

This year, we received twice as many submissions as in 2014, which is a sign of how active Italian theater it. We witnesses an extremely high level of quality, ideas and beauty, which made it very difficult to make a selection. Not only is our theater alive, it is in excellent health. This thrills us, because it means that the Italian artistic DNA is intact, even thought the conditions for producing art in the country are not favorable today. It’s an honor for us to be able to once again show our art, with even more companies, in the United States. I’m also thrilled to introduce our collaborations with other Festivals. Collaboration is key, I believe, to grow and to overcome the economic crisis that the artistic world has been suffering through. A key word that we intend to explore in depth, through our ever-expanding festival that will hopefully continue to be exciting for many years to come: In Scena! – LAURA CAPARROTTI, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR

Enjoy a sneak peek of the shows.

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News for the 2015 edition include a collaboration with two different Festivals that celebrate Italy. They are: IDACO NYC – Italian Dance Connection, dedicated to creating an artistic platform focused on dance and contemporary art; and the Calandra Institute on the occasion of their week focusing on Calabrese culture. Both festivals will take place in May, and the selected shows will be co-presented with one performance as part of In Scena! and one as part of the partner Festival. 

In Scena 2015 Media Interns:

Guillaume Morel (video), Elijah Gomez (video), Joy Jeong (photo), Rivkah Wolf-Camplin (photo)