Events 2015

IN SCENA! ITALIAN THEATER FESTIVAL NY 2015 will feature the following shows (all presented English or with English supertitles), representing many different Italian Regions



Angiulina la mula/Angiulina the mule by and starring Rossella Raimondi / Teatro degli Incontri (Milano, Lombardia) A life, a woman, a husband, a family. A play that utilizes dialect as dramatic structure. (more)

Chez Dimì by Giuseppe Sinatra / DimiDimitri Company (Novara, Piemonte) DimiDimitri is a clowning-based theater company that has received numerous important Italian and international accolades. Their shows honor the American comedy style of the early 1900s. (more)

Cingomma by and starring Jessica Leonello (Brescia, Lombardia) This comic monologue tells the stories of migrants returning home to their roots, travelling backwards through the history of Italy and its changing customs. 2012 Petroni Award winner, 2014 Offerta creative/teatrinrete Award winner. (more)

Danze rotte – nella bolla di Pasolini/Broken Dances – in Pasolini’s Bubble by and starring Benedetta Capanna / Excursus Company (Rome, Lazio) This dance theater piece takes audiences on a stroll through the contradictions of Roman daily life punctuated by the echoes of Pier Paolo Pasolini, one of the greatest poets and intellectuals of contemporary Italy (and to whom In Scena! 2015 is dedicated, on the 40th anniversary of his death). Presented in collaboration with IDaCO NYC, the Italian Dance Connection. (more)

Ninetta e le altre – Ninetta and the Others by Damiana Leone / Errare Persona Company (Frosinone, Lazio) The show uses victims’ testimonies to tackle the difficult theme of rape as an instrument of war. Based on a mass rape that happened during WWII, previously featured in the multi-award-winning film “La Ciociara” by Vittorio De Sica. Winner of Amnesty International’s Chimere Award. (more)

Taddrarite – Bats by Luana Rondinelli, with Claudia Gusmano, Luana Rondinelli, Anna Clara Giampino / Accura Teatro Company (Trapani, Sicilia) Domestic violence against women is tackled with irony and Sicilian dialects in a show that reminds us of the film “The Seduction of Mimi.” Winner of the 2014 Rome International Fringe Festival Award. (more)

Viola di Mare by and starring Isabella Carloni, based on the novel Minchia di re by Giacomo Pilati / Rovine Circolari Company (Ancona, Marche) Viola di Mare is a salt-water fish that is born female but then turns into a male after laying its eggs. This is the true story of a 19th century girl who dresses like a man to escape her father’s fury and the bigotry of her island village. (more)

Webulli by and starring Serena Facchini and Ermanno Nardi / Elea Teatro and Industria Scenica Company (Milano, lombardia)Bullying on social networks is the subject of this dark comedy that explores the digital exchange of explicit materials. (more)



The Alibi of God by Francesco Randazzo. During a dark night, a priest faces the ghost of a young man whom he loved passionately. (more)

Le Beatrici by Stefano Benni, directed by Margherita Peluso. A series of monologues that explore our complex and troubled society through the eyes of contermporary women, titled after Dante’s muse. (more)

Giuseppe Musolino: a Drama in Acts by Francesco Morabito, directed by Evan T. Cummings. A very special world premiere of a play discovered by Evan T. Cummings in his attic. The play was written by his grandfather, a reporter and writer from Calabria, who often traveled between the US and Italy and was one of the reporters for the trial of legendary folk hero Brigante Musolino. In association with Calandra Institute for Italian-American studies. (more)



Opening Night: Homage to Pasolini A staged reading directed by Marco Calvani. Journey into Pasolini’s writing on the 40th anniversary of his death in 1975. (more)

Be International: Producing International Theater in NY A panel and networking event on the practices, challenges and ambitions of producing International theater – and International theater festivals – in NY. Led by Laura Caparrotti with Aktina Stathaki, Artistic Director of Between the Seas Festival; Glory Kadigan, Artistic Director of Planet Connections Festival; and others. (more)

Free Verse Meets In Scena! Led by Dave Johnson. A cultural exchange between In Scena! Italian artists and emerging writers from the South Bronx community. Performed in English, Spanish and Italian. Free Admission. (more)

Mario Fratti Award Ceremony & Mater Familias A special ceremony and a reading the 2015 Mario Fratti Award winner for emerging Italian playwrights: Mater Familias by Pier Lorenzo Pisano. A powerful drama on the desperate need to commit a crime to let your family survive.” – Mario Fratti. (more)

Closing Night Festival Closing Night celebration, including a photography exhibit from the Museum of Pupi in Palermo. (more)