Angiulina la mula – Angiulina the mule

by and starring Rossella Raimondi

produced by Teatro degli Incontri (Milano / Lombardia)


• May 7 at 6:00pm at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo at NYU (24 W 12th St, Manhattan)



SYNOPSIS – Angiulina is a simple woman. She comes from the country, has a mindset centered on work. Beautiful, admired in her own village, she finds herself in the big city. Here she becomes both the victim and the executioner of an “educated” family. She is subjected to what was perhaps her only possible destiny: being a servant, a Mule, whose worst punishment is an anorexic daughter who rejects her food and the curse of a depressed husband.

Rossella Raimondi – trained in Milan with “Quelli di Grock” and with Director Claudio Orlandini COMTEATRO, who she still currently collaborates with. She seeks out artists that are close to her vision: Morganti, Vacis, Senigallia, Schumann, Abbondanza and Bertoni, Guiltier, Brie, Strasberg, Allegri and Gigi Gherzi. With the latter, she polished her training as Actress – Author. Aside from numerous acclaimed plays, she has collaborated for over 4 years with Gigi Gherzi on the “Teatro degli Incontri.” This project involves over forty Actors – Authors who, inspired by Greek Tragedy, bring theatrical productions to Milan’s most fragile locations and communities. She also sings Jazz, plays the Cello and performs as the “Clown Ronfella.”