by and starring Jessica Leonello (Brescia/Lombardia)

Coproduced by Residenza/Idra – Premio Petroni

2012 Petroni Award Winner, 2014 Offerta creative/teatrinrete Award winner


• May 7 at 7:30pm at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo at NYU (24 W 12th St, Manhattan)   BUY TICKETS



SYNOPSIS – A comic monologue rooted in the theme of contemporary travel neuroses. It takes us back in time to when Italians travelled on the Milano-Palermo Express. It tells the stories of migrants returning home to their roots, traveling backwards through the history of Italy and its changing customs. One performer and many characters journey towards the edge of the Boot and beyond, in a chronicle of memories and images.

Jessica Leonello graduated from the “Louis Jouvet” school of Mime and Commedia dell’Arte in Bologna. Her training continued through workshops with Arianna Scommegna, Oscar De Summa, Emma Dante e Giuliana Musso. As an actress, she collaborated with Teatro Telaio in Brescia and Residenza Idra. In 2012 she wrote and performed the monologue “Cingomma” –  co-produced with Residenza Idra – which was awarded the 2012 Petroni Award and the 2014 OFFerta Creative Award.



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