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In Scena! 2020 To Feature Special Performance By Italian Star Paola Minaccioni

As part of the 2020 festival TSA Teatro Stabile d’Abruzzo in collaboration with Stefano Francioni Produzioni will present a special performance by Paola Minaccioni of her show I am so much better in person (Dal vivo sono molto meglio), directed by Paola Rota.

Paola Minaccioni’s characters appeared first on Italian TV, cinema, and radio, offering an insight into our times. Her show is a surreal sequence of characters that embody the doubts, fears and neuroses of today’s world. Dal vivo sono molto meglio (I am so much better in person) is a show that invites us to reflect on ourselves while displaying the absurdity of the society in which we live. Unwitting racists, improbable telephone assistants, refined poetesses, untouchable managers, up to her most famous imitations: from political leader Giorgia Meloni to pop icon Loredana Bertè to Roman actress Sabrina Ferilli. Paola Minaccioni hides and at the same time reveals herself behind all these incredible masks, guided by the notes of DJ Lady Coco, melodic counterpoint to a unique theatrical experience. Describing a show that changes from night to night is impossible though, you can only understand it in person.

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