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In Scena! Fall Number 2

We are happy to bring back In Scena! Fall with the US premiere of TERRA MATTA.

Based on the diaries of Vincenzo Rabito
Adapted and interpreted by Stefano Panzeri

Terra Matta is adapted from the extraordinary autobiography of a Sicilian laborer at the beginning of the century, written between 1968 and 1975 on an old Olivetti. It is a monumental work: 1027 pages without spacing or margins.

Terra Matta is the first-person account of the immense and intimate effort to emancipate and survive poverty; the human story of the protagonist flows in an extraordinary intertwining of major and minor history against the backdrop of the extremely poor rural Italy of the beginning of the century, surprised and torn by the Great War, the Italy of sacrificed youth, the disappointed Italy of a “fragile” victory.

In SICILIAN with ENGLISH supertitles.