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Emanuele Aldrovandi (Reggio Emilia, 1985) is an italian playwright, screenwriter, translator, director and playwriting teacher. He is the artistic director of “Associazione Teatrale Autori Vivi”. After a bachelor degree in Philosophy and a master degree in Literature, from 2009 to 2012 he studied playwriting at the Paolo Grassi Academy of Dramatic Arts in Milan, Italy. In 2013, with Homicide House, he won the most important Italian playwriting award, the Riccione/Tondelli, and his plays started to be staged in many theatres all over the country and abroad. In Italy he also won the Pirandello National Award with Felicità/Happiness, the Fersen Award with Il Generale/The general, the Hystrio Award and the Mario Fratti Award with Farfalle/Butterflies. He wrote original plays and adaptations for some of the most important Italian theatres, like ERT Emilia Romagna National Theater, Elfo Puccini Theater and Teatro Stabile di Torino National Theater, he collaborated with young established Italian theater companies, like MaMiMò and ATIR, he translated in Italian plays like Trainspotting, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and The Laramie Project, he worked with Beijing National Opera on a project about Shakespeare’s Othello, he  wrote short plays for EXPO 2015 and he created and developed site-specific theatre projects and multimedia museum exhibitions. He was one of the European playwrights selected by Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe, the main exchange playwriting program in Europe, and his plays have been translated, performed and published in English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Slovenian, Czech, Catalan and Arabic. In 2018 he started working as a screenwriter and movie director. He wrote and directed three short movies presented in many international festivals. In 2021 his short movie Bataclan won the Nastro d’Argento for best Italian short movie. He’s a playwriting teacher in one the most important Italian theatre school, the Paolo Grassi Academy of Dramatic Arts, and he’s leading many writing workshops in Italy and abroad.

Emanuele Aldrovandi


The story of two sisters whose favorite pastime is a dangerous game: whoever holds the butterfly hairpin can ask the other one to do anything. Butterflies is a tale of personal growth and sisterly love in which self-discovery is not always accompanied by greater understanding of the other person. Employing a crystal clear, refined theatrical language, the play develops along an unpredictable, almost mysterious structure, while its characters’ direct and effective dialogue paints a universally touching picture.



Honorary President, Mario Fratti

Graziano Graziani (writer, theater critic)

Marco Melloni (writer, playwright, screen writer)

Luana Rondinelli (actress, playwright, In Scena! 2015 artist)

Giampiero Rappa (playwright, director, actor)

Industria scenica/Ermanno Nardi&Elisabetta Facchini (Artistic Director Elea Teatro/Industria Scenica, In Scena! 2015 artists)



The author employs theatrical language in a clear way, building an original play with a refined technique and an unpredictable, almost mysterious structure. The characters are polished and their direct and effective dialogue makes the play universal and touching. It lends itself perfectly to being translated into a foreign language.


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