Mario Fratti Award 2017


Paolo Bignami, born in Como in 1967, combines his occupation as a high school teacher with his personal path of dramaturgical research through drama workshops and collaborations with other authors. He writes about contemporary topic and recent history, and he was awarded twice the Fernsen Award, in addition to many other recognitions.

MFA 2018 - Chiara Boscaro & Marco de Stefano


The story of a case of poor Health and Safety and a rising voice, lonely and important, to denounce it. The text is structured in a monologue and is the live narration of tragic events, portrayed with hearth breaking lyricism to highlight the love for life of the underdogs, often indefensible pray of powerful people both great and small and their reckless arrogance.


Honorary President, Mario Fratti

Ilaria Nociti (journalist and theater critic)

Emanuele Vezzoli (actor and director, In Scena! 2016 artist)

Mauro Santopietro (actor and dramaturge, In Scena! 2016 actor)

Kira Ialongo (director, founder and president of the Teatro Azione, Rome)

Marta Mondelli (actress and dramaturge)


It is an actively involved work in denouncing a world that ignores human rights. It is the author’s intention to develop the desire of change and revolution. It is a beautiful dramaturgical piece in which the monological structure finds its meaning in the fact that the protest, the “revolution,” is accomplished by one in spite of the many. Since the first few lines, a well-defined and well-structured theatricality emerges, the narrative passes through a well-designed character and with resolved dramatic depth, well describing the reality beyond imagination. The lightness of the poetic tone of the drama is striking.

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