Mario Fratti Award 2020


Giorgia Brusco is a playwright, actress and director. Born in Imperia in 1977, Giorgia Brusco graduated in Architecture from the IUAV in Venice and graduated from the Scuola del Teatro Stabile del Veneto in 2000. For 15 years she has been involved in theater training, teaching at the Officina School of the Teatro del Banchéro in Taggia (IM), at the Riviera Musical in Alassio (SV). She collaborated as director and playwright with various theater companies all over Italy, also dealing with social theater within prisons and for social groups at risk. She has written numerous plays, both comic and dramatic, represented in various Italian theaters. She won the 1st dramaturgy prize “A.Conti” with the script “The Harvest”.

Carlotta Corradi


Two elderly people live alone. Due to a banal accident, they involve an unaware passerby in their affairs. She takes their life to heart and decides to devote time to them, in search of a phantom son who never seems to arrive. In this way, she is projected into their world made of silences, memories, disappointments, but also trivial gestures of love, which are nothing more than a desperate request for attention. At a certain point, the vision turns upside down, highlighting hidden shadows and immense pain, hidden behind the apparent superficiality.


Honorary President, Mario Fratti

Celeste Moratti (Artistic Director of First Maria Ensemble, NYC, and Registered Rodenburg Teacher (RRT)

Angela Vitaliano (NY – journalist)

Roberta Bellesini (Italy -producer, In Scena! 2019)

Antonella Romano (Italy – actress, In Scena! 2019 artist)

Ida Casilli (Scotland – independent producer, founder of the Moving Dreamers company and co-director of the ContrastInFusion project)


A play with a strong emotional potential determined by the stage writing and its content: the first, captivating and very tight, enhances, without limiting it, the fluidity of the story; the second, extremely current and treated with originality, gives rise to smiles imbued with tender sadness. It is precisely this contrast that determines the vital spark of the work, while the story, characters and narrative development make it potentially translatable and interesting for abroad.




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