A Mother’s Heart

15 May 2018
The Brick, 575 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

A Mother’s Heart

MADE IN US – CATEGORY: WOMEN in collaboration with Parity Production.


By Daniela Dellavalle, adapted and directed by Tania Kass

With Alice Lussiana Parente, Selamawit Worku, Marianne Goodell

An Ambrosia production/NEW YORK

The play dissects the complex relationship between Mary and her mother. Mary has just murdered her father and attempted to kill her mother. An unforgiving female therapist is tasked with verifying Mary’s mental state and holds the girl’s future in her hands.



Parity Productions is a formidable producer of new theatrical work that as a company always ensures that we fill at least 50% of the creative roles on our productions—directors, playwrights, and designers—with women and/or trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) artists. Artistically, we develop and produce compelling new plays that give voice to individuals who rebel against their marginalized place in society.