INFOSESSION #1: Producing/Presenting your work in Italy

15 May 2018
THE BRICK, 575 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

INFOSESSION #1: Producing/Presenting your work in Italy

Infosession on theater practices. Meet the experts from the US and Italy.

Bring your work to Italy: how to present and produce your work in Italy.
Speaker: Valeria Orani, Umanism/369gradi



Valeria Orani has been a producer for several seasons and she is behind many successful Italian productions. She works also as consultant for US artistic companies wanting to present their work in Italy.



How can my project fit to the Italian Theatre Landscape?

– contracts and bureaucracy

– partners and networking

– audience development

Running Time: One Hour.

Valeria Orani
By the time she moved to New York in 2015, Valeria Orani had served as administrative director, coordinator, and producer in public and private Italian theatre institutions, and had provided support to a large number of artistic projects. She had established herself as a well-known promoter and producer of Italian creative talent through 369gradi, which she founded in 2003 as a center for innovative services to promote and distribute Italian culture, par­ticularly contemporary art and the performing arts. In 2009, 369gradi turned to producing, working every year for about fifty Italian artists and technicians on productions staged throughout Italy and abroad.

In 2014, Valeria Orani established a transoceanic pilot proj­ect which aimed to promote the work of professionals in the contemporary world of Italian arts and crafts in New York City. She founded Umanism LLC in 2015. “Umanism” is the crasis or com­bination of the Italian word “umanesimo” and the English word “humanism.”

Umanism functions as an open plat­form to support European arts in New York City and American arts in Italy.

Valeria Orani is curator with Frank Hentschker, Director of  The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center at the CUNY Graduate Center of The Italian Playwrights Project. This is an ambitious new translation , performance, and publishing initiative now at its second edition.

On 2017 they also launched the American Playwrights Project, dedicated to promote American dramaturgy in Italy.
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