Mario Fratti Award – Closing Night

21 May 2018
Italian Cultural Institute, 686 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY, 10021

Mario Fratti Award – Closing Night

Award Ceremony for the Mario Fratti Award, Reading of the Winner and Closing Night of the 2018 edition.

Reading of The Winner of the 2018 Mario Fratti Award for Excellence in Italian Playwriting

The City Rises (La citta’ che sale) by Chiara Boscaro & Marco Di Stefano

The City Rises is a mosaic of interconnected stories about a changing city, Milan, and its inhabitants–victims and perpetrators that include a mayor, a construction worker, an old trade unionist, a young barista, and a Tunisian girl. These urban stories intersect and then disperse. Inspired by the painting, with the same name, by the Futurist artist Umberto Boccioni (exhibited at MoMA), The City Rises explores work, exploitation, identity and integration. And in keeping with MFA themes, it examines “borders,” between cultures, generations, genders and identities.

The MFA jury felt the play was “extremely direct and immediate and uses lightness as a counterpoint for tragedy, without resorting to pietism, allowing the reader the freedom to understand multiple points of view. Of particular interest is the idea of the border between oneself and ‘the other.’ The universal nature of play’s theme compounds its great potential to be staged and translated Internationally.”

Chiara Boscaro and Marco Di Stefano will be in attendance.

The reading is directed by Jenny Tibbels.

Arrivederci to 2019!


Reading of Mater Familias bi Lorenzo Pisano winner of 2015 Mario Fratti Award.

Emanuele Aldrovandi winner of the Mario Fratti Award 2016