My Hero (Reading)

01 May 2019
Italian Cultural Institute, 686 Park Avenue, NY

My Hero (Reading)

In Scena! will partner for the third year with the Italian Playwright Project (IPP) curated by Valeria Orani (Umanism NYC) together with the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center at CUNY, to present a reading of

by Giuliana Musso
translated by Patricia Gaborik
directed by Laura Caparrotti
with Adriana Sananes*, Debra Khan-Key and Delissa Reynolds*

*Denotes Actors Equity

The IPP, now in its fourth year, brings some of the brightest, innovative, and most engaging playwrights from Italy to New York to develop their pieces through translation into English and to present public readings of the work.

Mio Eroe (My Hero) is made up of three distinct monologues. The protagonists of the monologues are three mothers of Italian soldiers who took part in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan during 2008-2010. Two of these mothers lost their son in battle. The three women are very different from each other for social extraction, geographic origin, cultural level and personality, but they share the experience of having been the mother of a soldier. The mother’s conversation interlaces memories of childhood, stories of tragic events, and considerations on their child’s choices. Characters are inspired by existing people and real-life events.

Giuliana Musso (Playwright) is an actress and playwright. Born in Vicenza in 1970, she currently lives in Udine. Since 2001 she has been writing and producing narrative and investigative works; her work is characterized by its blend of oral testimony, comedy and lyricism. Her first trilogy was about the “fundamentals” of life, birth, sex and death: Born in the Home (2001), Sexmachine (2005) and Tanti Saluti (2008). In 2009 she began an exploration of the history and structure of the patriarchy with La citt√† ha fondamenta sopra un misfatto (2010), inspired by Medea;Stimmen by Christa Wolf, La Fabbrica dei preti (2012) on Life and Training in Italian seminaries before Concilum Vat II; and Mio Eroe (2016), the contemporary war in the voices of some military mothers whose sons died in Afghanistan. Other writing and productions were: Indemoniate, on a case of female collective hysteria in Friuli at the end of the nineteenth century; La base, a theatrical investigative laboratory on the construction of the US military base “Ederle 2” in Vicenza; Dreams, a dance-show on over-indebtedness. Since 2008 her production house is La Corte Ospitale, Rubiera (RE). She has won the Critic Award 2005, the Cassino Off Award 2017 for My Hero and Hystrio Prize for Dramaturgy 2017.