CONFERENCE: “On theater’s changing relationships – with critics, artists, and audiences.”

11 May 2018
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' at NYU, 24 W 12 Street, NY

CONFERENCE: “On theater’s changing relationships – with critics, artists, and audiences.”

In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY, in partnership with Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo and the League of Independent Theater, is convening a conference on theater’s changing relationships — with critics, artists, and audiences in Italy and in the US.





Panel #1: Theater Criticism in the Social Era 12-1pm

As the number of full-time theater writers at major publications continues to shrink, the venues for quality analysis and conversation about theatrical productions are tougher to find, especially for independent theater or international artists.

What new models are emerging to keep that relationship between artist and audience alive, and how can we as a theater community ensure that the conversation continues beyond the performance itself? Is there the potential for new voices to be heard in new models?

Moderated by Guy Yedwab

Sergio Lo Gatto, Teatro e Critica (Italy)
Jose Solis,
Steven Suskin, New York Stage Review
Robert Gonyo, Go See A Show (podcast)

Panel #2: Accessibility in Theatermaking 1:45-3pm

In this discussion, we will be hearing from theatermakers with disabilities and their allies as they share their insights on how to make the rehearsal process accessible to all artists, and make the performance space accessible to audiences.

What barriers in the rehearsal and performances spaces and practices are we overlooking? What can we take to our own practices to ensure we are not excluding artists and audiences?

Moderated by Guy Yedwab and Laura Caparrotti

Nikomeh Andersen, Free the Arts Festival
Dario D’Ambrosi, Teatro Patologico
Kyle Wright, Digital Projects Director, The Shubert Organization, Radical Hospitality: Technology Solutions for Audience Inclusivity
Meredith Ganzman, PIX11 Digital Multimedia Journalist

Panel #3: Collaboration across Communities 3-4pm

Now more than ever, it’s critical for theatermakers to build bridges rather than building walls. For theatermakers or theater companies that create work for a specific community — whether defined by nation, language, or heritage — how do we collaborate to other artistic communities locally and internationally?

Moderated by Laura Caparrotti

Aizzah Fatima, Producer and Artist
Erwin Maas, Artistic Director at ISPA | International Society for the Performing Arts
Valeria Orani, producer and organizer, Director of Umanism/369gradi
Joanna Sherman, Founder and Artistic Director of Bond Street Theatre