The Girlfriend (Reading)

02 May 2019
NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo', 24 W 12 Street, NY

The Girlfriend (Reading)

In honor of the new OnStage! Festival & Award, which premiered in Rome, Italy this past January, In Scena! features a special reading of the first OnStage Award winner for New American Plays, The Girlfriend by Leland Frankel.

Directed by Carlotta Brentan, with Rob Glascott, Victoria Ratermanis and Carlotta Brentan



Olivia “Liv” Hughes was the most popular girl at Grace Hills High. Sylvia Merwin was one of its most put-down outcasts. And then Eddie Cleary brought his gun to school, and everything changed. Ten years later, these two women’s worlds have dramatically diverged: Sylvia lives a seemingly perfect life in the big city, with a terrific job and loving boyfriend, while Liv is a recovering addict. They arrange to meet under mysterious circumstances, and Liv reveals a shocking, forgotten artifact from their shared past. A shatteringly brutal showdown ensues as Sylvia and Liv attempt to reconcile their bloody history with their present lives. Innocence, guilt, honesty, deception…When evil deeds take place, who is truly responsible?

Leland Frankel (Playwright) is an award-winning playwright based in Los Angeles, California. He is a recent graduate of both the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and the American Repertory Theater Institute at Harvard University. His stage projects have been produced around the world, from New York City to London to Rome. Additionally, he is an award-winning film-maker and audio storyteller, as well as a producer of immersive theatre. Other recents projects of Leland’s include Love/Life, the first musical written for virtual reality, composed by Ryan Scott Oliver, and Masala Jones, the first Asian-American scripted podcast, starring performers from The Walking Dead, Last Comic Standing, and more.