The Neighbors – Reading

19 May 2018
The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The Neighbors – Reading

The Neighbors (I Vicini) by Fausto Paravidino.Translated by Jane House ©2017, play selected for the first edition of Italian Playwrights Project and published in english in the volume “New Plays from Italy” (Martin E.Segal Theatre Center Publication – 2017)

Author’s Note: The Neighbors (I Vicini) is a play about our fears. About our imaginary fears, about our real fears. About our real fears which are our imaginary fears. It’s a play about ourselves, about others, about ourselves and others, about faraway neighbors, about war, about what is real, about what is imagined,  about what is real because it’s imagined.  A bit like certain ghosts, a bit like some theatre.


He – Giacomo Rocchini
Greta – Adriana Rossetto
Chiara – Christine Renee Miller
Husband – Nabil Viñas
The Old Lady –  Christine Smith

The play unfolds during our time,in an apartment in a European city.


About the Italian Playwrights Project (ipp)

The  Martin E. Segal  Theatre  Center  (MESTC)  at  the  CUNY  Graduate  Center invited  Italian  Valeria  Orani, artistic  director  of Umanism,  to collaborate on this ambitious new translation, performance, and publishing initiative in 2015. Thus, the Italian Playwrights Project (IPP) was born. “Valeria’s initiative is the most  significant  contemporary Italian  playwrights  project  to  appear in the last two decades in the Americas, and we are honored  to be able to support it,” says Dr. Frank Hentschker,  executive director of the Segal Center. Valeria Orani adds,  “We have a truly fantastic selection of Italian playwrights working today and we believe that American audiences will connect with the themes in their works.” Vital collaborators include the RAI Radio 3 and the Italian Culture Institute of New York (ICI–NY), headed by its director, the honored Italian writer Giorgio Van Straten, thus acknowledging the need to introduce  contemporary Italian drama  to audiences in the United States, particularly  in the theatrical center of New York, so that the voices of contemporary Italian playwrights can be readily heard and read in English translation.

In supporting workshops in New York City for the brightest and most engaging contemporary Italian playwrights and presenting public readings involving American actors, directors, and translators, IPP broadens New York City’s theatrical landscape and  provides  a lively venue  where  American audiences can savor and discuss contemporary Italian drama in English translation. The project also presents excerpts  of the plays in the original Italian, thus serving the Italian-speaking New York population as well as those  who love the Italian language and  culture.  The aim is to support the development of four Italian playwrights’ work over the course of a year.

The process of selecting the plays involved two pools of experts in contemporary theatre, one in Italy  and  one  in New York,  who recommended a number  of works, which were then  shortlisted for these projects.  IPP aims to translate and publish all selected plays in their entirety.

Since its formation  in 2015, IPP has  fulfilled a breathtaking number  of vital and significant  activities involving writers, translators, producers, agents, directors, and actors in both Italy and the United States.