Emilia Romagna region – In Italian with English supertitles

Directed di Davide Schinaia, with Francesca Airaudo and Giorgia Penzo


Live music by Tiziano Paganelli, costume design by Paul Mochrie

A Città Teatro 2013-2014 Production, with the support of the Provincia di Rimini and Regione Emilia Romagna


They have plenty of talent and comedic genius; too bad that they fight about everything. Olga and Manolita, known as the Mejerchold twins, started singing together by sheer coincidence, having to fill a slot at a popular cabaret show. They haven’t left one another’s side since, and their fellowship continues in an eternal struggle for domination of the stage. Separated at birth? Well… one is tall, square, low-pitched, dazed, and indirect; the other is short, precise, methodical, high-pitched and sharp. A perfect clowning duo. Every diva has her demands, but with two divas of this caliber the problems don’t just double, they multiply, and producers aren’t always willing to put up with them. Although flanked by the continent’s most famous musician, the Majerchold twins’ career, already in decline, is now on a knife-edge, between promises of world tours and spectacular cancellations. In which case there is nothing to do but embrace the nostalgia for better days, when the world’s most famous theaters welcomed them, with audiences that went wild for their feats, not just vocal. With only one certainty: if there’s anything that can go wrong with a number, it definitely will! The Mejerchold twins are two multifaceted artists with unique singing and pantomime abilities, who occupying that child-like, surreal space between theater and circus; two women that mix comedy and music with a femininity that is rooted in vaudeville, variety shows and reviews, to land on the art of clowning.

LE GEMELLE MEJERCHOLD Abilità e talento comico ne hanno da vendere, se non fosse che litigano per qualsiasi cosa: Olga e Manolita, in arte le Gemelle Mejerchold, sono cantanti per puro caso, eternamente a contendersi la scena. Due donne che impastano comicità e musica in una surreale dimensione fra teatro e circo. Dive capricciose con una femminilità un po’ “sciantosa”, che parte dal vaudeville, dal varietà e della rivista per approdare all’arte del clown.


Supported with Regione Emilia Romagna – Cultura d’Europa

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Eurocom telecomunicazioni
Club “Rosa dei Malatesta”- International  Inner Weel
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The Mejerchold Twins

17 May 2018
Bernie Wohl Center, 647 Columbus Avenue, New York

The Mejerchold Twins

18 May 2018
The Brick, 575 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211