Region Lazio

Written by Valentina Diana
Directed by Vinicio Marchioni
Performed by Marco Vergani
Presented by Anton
Running Time 55’

A city in Italy. A penniless radio speaker becomes friends with Abdul, the Egyptian who sells kebabs in his shop full of postcards from Egypt. The relationship between the two never really deepens, and only when Abdul disappears, his story emerges, dramatically linked to that of his country, politically and economically so far from the one he emigrated to. The audience faces many possible versions of the story. Where’s the truth?

Marco Vergani, actor. After graduating in Arts and Sciences of the Performing Arts at La Sapienza in Rome, Marco attended numerous advanced courses for actors such as Drama on Stage, Ecole des Maitres with Giancarlo Cobelli, and Santacristina Theater Center, directed by Luca Ronconi. On stage, he performed in Edoardo II by Andrea Baracco, Falstaff by Andrea De Rosa, Beckett in the bedroom by Giancarlo Sepe, Macbeth by Andrea De Rosa, A Bocca Piena (Napoli Teatro Festival) by Emanuela Giordano, Ubu Roi by Roberto Latini, Process to Jesus by Maurizio Panici, Dracula by Sandro Mabellini, At the market of AR Shammah, Lulù by AR Shammah, Hameline by Manuela Cherubini. In the wood of the spirits by Luca Ronconi, The fan by Luca Ronconi, The mirror of the devil by Luca Ronconi, Troilo and Cressida by Luca Ronconi, Woyzech by Giancarlo Cobelli and many others. With Vinicio Marchioni he is the protagonist of the Essential Trilogy of which they are part the solo shows: The sweet eternity of Renato Cane, A Passion (In Scena! 2019), Mubarak’s Niece.


Valentina Diana, playwright. Valentina was born in Turin in 1968. She works in the theater as an actress and playwright. For the theater he wrote: Brethren, Remember to remember what? (National award for contemporary dramaturgy The center of speech 2009), The red bicycle (Eolo Awards 2013 for dramaturgy), Swan, Space comitragedia, Senza Voce – Storia di Ciccilla, The gym of happiness, Opera Nazionale Combattenti. As a writer she has published Smamma (Einaudi 2014) and Mariti or Le imperfections of Gi (Einaudi 2015).




Vinicio Marchioni, actor and director. Actor with theatrical training he studied and worked with the major Italian and European directors. He reached popularity with the Romanzo Criminale, the TV series in 2009. Since then he has shot twenty films as an actor in Italy and abroad, receiving various prizes and getting various nominations for the David di Donatello and the Nastri d’Argento, he has worked with internationals directors such as Paul Haggis and Woody Allen. Not only has he been involved with With Milena Mancini, but also they have been working as a couple for years, him directing and her curating the artistic direction of theatrical performances. He made his directorial debut with the short film “la ripartenza” – Starlight award at the Venice Film Festival in 2016. He gave concrete form to the idea of analyzing Anton Cechov’s work through all the expressive means he knows: theater, documentary film and film. He wrote the subject of the film based on Zio Vanja, directed and interpreted the show “Uno zio Vanja” from which he drew inspiration for the documentary film that is currently work in progress. In 2018 he founded the Anton Srl with Milena Mancini to pursue these and other theatrical and audiovisual projects independently. 



All sessions by MUBARAK’S NIECE


08 May 2020
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo’ at NYU, 24 W 12 street, NY


09 May 2020
Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside, 247 Columbus Avenue, NY