Category WOMEN – Region Sardegna

Written & Directed by Maria Virginia Siriu
Based on the book by Salvatore Niffoi (Campiello Award 2006)
Performed by Carla Orrù, Fabrizio Congia & Marco Secchi
Presented by Theandric
Running Time 60’

A performance in the very ancient sardinian language from the Barbagia area. 1930s, life is ordered by traditional rules and the Fascist ones. The protagonist, Mintonia, is an out of the ordinary woman as she reads great books and chooses her own spouse. Something will happen that will dramatically change Mintonia’s life. She will show that she is no victim. 

Maria Virginia Siriu is a director and the Artistic Director of Theandric theater company. She made her debut in “Don Cristobal and Donna Rosita”, directed by Guglielmo Ferraiola. From 1997 to 2000, she trained with several members of the C.I.C.T. in Paris directed by Peter Brook: Bruce Myers, Yoshi Oida, Alain Maratrat, Tapa Sudana, Karunakaran Nair, Miriam Goldschmidt and Sotigui Koiuaté. In 1997, Maria Virginia met Judith Malina from the Living Theater, with whom she collaborated as a stage director and assistant director until 2003 at Living Europa, in Trieste, Italy participating in the workshop and filming of classical productions. In 2001, she founded Theandric, becoming the Artistic Director of the company and of the “Love Sharing Festival of theater and non-violent culture”.

Carla Orrù Actress. She began her theater studies at the Akròama Training Center in Cagliari. She studied and trained with actors close to Peter Brook and Grotowski collaborator Rena Mirecka. In recent years, she’s been involved with several plays by Sardinian companies, on National and International tours  including “The Naked Widow” directed by Maria Virginia Siriu, “The House of Bernarda Alba” directed by Maria Assunta Calvisi. She has also been featured in films including “Accabadora” directed by Enrico Pau, “Happiness, finally” by Leonardo Pieraccioni, “Deu ci siat” by Gianluigi Tarditi, “The last frontier” by Franco Bernini.

Fabrizio Congia Actor. Born in Iglesias in 1981. Initially self-taught, he then started collaborating with theater companies in his hometown.He trained in singing and acting, as well as fencing and archery. Since 2018, he has collaborated with Theandric Teatro Nonviolento, Talenti Stravaganti and other theater companies from Cagliari. He also teaches theater at the Talenti Stravaganti company, and has been featured in commercials.

Marco Secchi Actor. Born in 1987 in Cagliari. While pursuing studies in Science, he also nurtured an interest in all forms of art. Fascinated by the human mind and its cognitive processes, he focuses on the process of communication, and its intersection with neuroscience and the performing arts – visual, musical, manual. He is currently living with a community of activists in an abandoned school, occupied and redeveloped by university students in protest: a political gesture aimed at stimulating the cultural life of Cagliari, where he also leads a performing arts and art therapy lab.


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02 May 2020
Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside, 247 Columbus Avenue, NY


03 May 2020
Greek Cultural Center, 2680 30th St b2, Astoria