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Stria Creative Team

TDA TEATRO – Theater Company

TDA Teatro is a professional theater company, active in Italy for over twenty years. It has produced work by authors including Platus, Pirandello, Goldoni, Machiavelli as well as Ibsen, Molière and many others, including explorations of works about spirituality, such as Dante’s Divine Comedy. The company focuses on modern staging and high quality performances, and has a long-standing collaboration with students. Its collaboration with playwright, actress and singer Claudia Donadoni has created a niche of experimental and innovative theater, with pieces that include their latest, Stria, about the phenomenon of witch-hunts.


Claudia Donadoni – Actress

Claudia Donadoni is an actress, playwright, singer and journalist. She graduated from the Civic School of Dramatic Art in Milan, and, under the guidance of Marco Baliani, creator of narrative theater in Italy, she specializes in this mode of performance. She has written and performed shows for young audiences, as well as performed prestigious roles in plays and musicals. For several years now she has chosen to write and perform shows on the themes of the female condition, to great acclaim from audiences and critics. She is a firm believer that theater brings value and that art is necessary to make the world less terrible. An eclectic, multifaceted, innovative artist, she favors contemporary works in which language and music fuse into a single drama, a single score for a narrating body.


Giovanni Bataloni – Composer

Giovanni Bataloni is a composer, arranger and choir director. He graduated from the G. Verdi Conservatory in Como, where he studied composition and choral music, and choir direction. His compositions and arrangements have been performed in several concert seasons in Italy and abroad by many soloists and ensembles. He has written music for children, school orchestras, musical theater seasons and theater shows. His composition “Dripping” has been the recipient of international awards. He released the albums Deiopea in 2007 and Piano Imbiss in 2010 and collaborated as composer and arranger on several other releases.