Patrizio Cigliano (playwright, director, actor)

Born in 1969, Patrizio Cigliano graduated from the Accademia Silvio D’Amico in 1992. He is the founder of the Compagnia Arcadinoè, which over the past twenty-years years has staged some of the most relevant Italian contemporary drama. He is “the most awarded Italian playwright”, having received thirty-five writing, directing and acting awards including the Idi, Flaiano, Enrico Maria Salerno, Vallecorsi, Studio 12, Fondi La Pastora, Passo a tre and Passo a due awards, among many others. His two short films were selected for the David di Donatello, Paris International Film Festival, Mitreo Film Festival and others. He has directed over twenty-five plays, one sit-com, three short films, and one radio comedy. Many of his plays have been published. As an actor, he has worked with Franco Zeffirelli, Luca Ronconi, Andrea Camilleri, Arnoldo Foà, and Arturo Brachetti, among many others. He has dubbed performances by Alberto Granado, Harvey Keitel, Seth Cohen, appeared in several TV shows, sung in musicals and performed for Radio Rai. As a singer, he also released a record of original songs.


Claudia Genolini (actress)

Claudia Genolini trained at the Accademia di Recitazione “Auroville” run by Augusto Zucchi, and has a Performing Arts degree from La Sapienza university in Rome. She started her performing career at age 11 dubbing films, and made her stage debut at 18. She has worked with directors including Augusto Zucchi, Patrizio Cigliano,Ricard Reguant, Eduardo Aldan, Fabio Ferrari, Elio Crifò, and Raffaele Castrìa. Between 2010 and 2012 she became one of the first well-known female YouTubers, and was subsequently cast in a lead role in the web series “Freaks! The Series” – winner of the Best Web Series award at the 2011 Roma Film Festival, and of the 2011 Golden Graal for Best Web Series. In 2014, she was featured in Manetti Bross’ feature film “Paura 3D”, distributed by Medusa. Claudia is also a writer, singer and director, with seven shows to her name with her theater company Freaky Lab, one of the most well-known Italian independent companies “under 30.” She also works in television, having appeared on RAI in Milly Carlucci’s show “Uomo Gentiluomo”, and on Mediaset in Piero Chiambretti’s “Muzik Show.” She makes frequent appearances on Deejay TV. In 2014 she hosted the show “In bed with Genolini” on Radio Deejay, which ran for a whole season with excellent numbers of listeners. In 2015, her film “Hybris” was theatrically released in Uci Cinema Italia cinemas. Claudia played one of the protagonists and was described by noted film critic Anselma Dell’Olio as a “sensual and talented actress.” That same year, she received a Best Actress nomination at the Rome Web Fest for her performance in the series “Fuck the Zombies” by Daniele Barbiero. In 2017, she played the leading role opposite Gianni Garko in the show “Non aver paura” by Eduardo Aldàn, directed by Ricard Reguant, which toured in 2017 and 2018. In 2018 she was also Assistant Director to Gianni Clementi in the successful “Romeo l’ultrà and Giulietta l’irriducibile”, and played a leading role in the cult show “Chat a due piazza” by Ray Cooney, directed by Fabio Ferrari.